"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jesus Still Loves Sarah Palin

You know things are bad for Sarah Palin when even the foaming right-wingers at the NRO say she should step aside for "family reasons". (Before, they were calling for Palin to debate Obama directly).

There is, however, one group who still think Miss Palin is a shoo-in; for who her lack of knowledge or even interest on foreign policy is irrelevant; for whom her bizarre demon-banishing church past-life seems perfectly normal. That is the irrational right; the evangelical fundy-mental-ists; the idiot wing of the most Christian nation on Earth... And nowhere are these people found in a greater concentration than over at Rapture Ready.

These comments are all from one recent thread (my emphasis):

"Satan has armed his armies with very real hatred against Palin. We simply must hold her up in prayer. Whether or not God intends to allow McCain/Palin to win this election is beside the point. I pray that He will raise up the righteous and bring down the wicked. Who the wicked and righteous are ~ only He knows that." - Gabby

"I've been just in awe how this election is going. There's Obama that is a very shady person, nobody really knows his background (and the media doesn't dig into it!), there so much against him..even to the point of calling him an antichrist (or fake messiah). Then we get Sarah Palin, that loves God, loves life, and had to have been put in the place she's at by God. So we have that Good against Evil scenario going on and it's just wild to watch!" - caroljo

"Might as well just split the country between them. Conservatives on the east half, and liberals on the west half. Each is responsbile for their own govt, lawmakers, military, value system, morals, schooling, etc... That is the best solution I can think of, outside of looking at an all-out war between the liberals and conservatives." - HisAlways

"It is so CLEAR to any believer that Palin is under serious spiritual attack. She, as a bible-believing Christian, is a HUGE threat to satan. I'd say that all the horrific attacks against her are simply a confirmation that she is a powerful ambassador for Christ. Lifting her up in prayer." - SetApart

"Hey, if she is posting here....GO SARAH!!!!!! We need more people like you in government!" - swimclb

Roll on Palin's debate with Biden. That should be car-crash TV at its best...


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