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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free Sarah Palin

Neocon super-pundit Bill Kristol is comically almost always wrong. He did have one bullseye, though, picking out Sarah Palin as a likely McCain running mate way, way back in June.

Now this looks like less than a stellar choice, he's out spinning again. Apparently Palin's problem is not that she's clueless and incoherent: it's that she's been mollycoddled by the Bush-ites running the McCain Campaign. Kristol thinks Palin should have been out on conservative talk radio, talking to bloggers, speaking directly to the base. Here he is on Fox News, crying "Free Sarah Palin!"

The NRO got the same memo:

"...none of that would matter if Palin just couldn't perform, but some fairly well-informed people in this believe that, even given her lack of experience in some national issues, she is still performing far below her abilities in these big network interviews, and they're trying to figure out why that is. So they think a better strategy might have helped. Perhaps. But the McCain team chose the path it chose, and now they have put an enormous amount of pressure on Palin as Thursday's debate approaches."
So there we have it... Palin's terrible interviews (and "disastrous" debate and press-conference dress rehearsals) are down to too much cramming from ivory-tower egg-heads who think a politician should like, know stuff instead of like, just feeling stuff.

I'd believe that more if it weren't for this very odd joint appearance by McCain and Palin on CBS News yesterday. Palin is more assertive and looks more assured; but that only makes McCain more nervous and more defensive:

So why is Palin being unleashed today? Could it be that everyone's expectations of her are are now so low that she couldn't possibly mess up? That's likely the case.

On that note, I don't see why Team McCain aren't clamoring for CBS to release their withheld footage of Palin not being able to name one Supreme Court decision beyond Roe v. Wade... (Hint: Bush v Gore, 2000). Surely it can't be that embarrassing? And surely the "intelligent and educated"'s constant ridiculing of Palin is now her greatest vote-winning strength?

Free Sarah Palin! Let her do her best, and let the elitists do their worst. For once, Bill Kristol might be right after all.


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Our Government needs protection and all others nations need to protect their own people and borders. No human being or Government can do anything without right motive and a concerded action. We all must work together and tell our leaders what we desire to see happen in this country and through trial and error we will all make this happen. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.