"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Theologyweb: Dumb for Jebus

Theologyweb is a stellar example of how Evangelical Christianity works tirelessly to keep itself ignorant and uninformed.

In a thread entitled "When Is Abortion Murder", I pointed out that the establishment clause in the US constitution made religious-only arguments against abortion counter productive.

This led to a predictable flurry of god-botherers falling over themselves to out-stupid each other. Amongst their finest gems...

"In fact life does not begin at conception at all. Life only comes from life, so the origin would be at the point the first life form came into being. From my perspective that would be at the creation (in the case of human beings that would be Adam). So even an unfertilized ovum is actually alive. It only becomes a human being at conception." - Jedidiah

"There's a model for God's plan even in our reproductive systems, as reflective by Torah... Sperm struggles like a man to get into the egg, Heaven. When he enters he finds Life, embryo... All the rest of the sperm are flushed away into the Lake of Fire. Unrealized Heaven is also Hell and flushed away, unfertilized eggs with the period. Thus the state of being unclean during these emissions, which remind us to repent of our old selves that keep us from Life." - John Goddard
Those arguments should go down great in the Supreme Court (if Mr Goddard can stop scrubbing himself clean of all that unwanted sperm for two minutes.) Keep up the good work, guys.

Meanwhile, I'd gotten intro trouble for using the tag line "Jebus != Jesus" in my handle. Apparently, Twebers are so insecure in their faith that they're terrified I'll scare Jesus into not coming back. In childish retaliation, I changed my tag to "FYJITC" (take a wild guess) and my avatar pic to South Park's Jesus crapping on the American Flag (which, remarkably, was still up at the time of writing).

Anyway. Back to the thread.

My injection of rationality got me noticed by one of Theologyweb's co-owners... And not Dee Dee, the nice one.

"$cirisme" leapt into the fray:
"Thread closed. Pro-life activism is not the place for debating whether or not abortion is murder, ptet."

I didn't start the thread. It was called "When is abortion murder?". But I got flamed for discussing the subject of the thread. Gotta love that Evangelical morality, logic and reasoning, huh?

But "$cirisme" (if that is his real name) was not done. Obviously nervous that Twebbers might become infected with my godlessness, he emailed me:
I have removed the link to your blog from your signature and your profile. You may not add them back or link to your blog from anywhere on this site.
To reinforce the smiting, "$cirisme" seems to have crippled my access to Theologyweb. If I log in, I lag out. If I log out, the site works fine. That is, of course, the Christian way to deal with dissent. It is, after all, exactly what Jesus would have done.

So there we have it. PTET all-but-expelled from Theologyweb... And all in the name of keeping Jebus happy...



Drew said...

I wouldn't mind it if they would just say we are anti-abortion and we only give a shit about embryos and zygotes. But they don't. They lie and say they are pro-life and fail to support universal healthcare in any form.

Jesus would be right pissed off at these people. Atheists know that too.

PTET said...

Indeed. And the crazy-pro-life brigade live on very strange fables... That rape only very rarely causes pregnancy, for example, or that there's a huge shortage of children for adoption, or that pro-lifers themselves never have sneaky terminations then turn back up on the protest line... All the usual self-delusion.

But heaven forbid anyone bring reality into the conversation. Look at the horrible pics! Think of the children! Vote Bush, er Palin, er McCain!

Etc. etc. etc...

lilpixieofterror said...

Your percussion complex is pretty cute ptet.

Frogwarrior said...

His persecution complex is pretty cute too... ;-)