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Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy McCain Lady

SNL's debate special did a fun turn on Crazy McCain Lady, aka 75 year old Gayle Quinell. She says she got her information about Obama being an "arab" (and a "terrorist") from a fellow volunteer at a McCain Campaign office. Nice.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is lined up to appear live on SNL this weekend. Given that her handlers won't let her watch TV by herself in case she gets depressed, that seems like a terrible move.

Over at pro-McCain Hot Air, commenters are divided on the idea. Outlander veers off into the eighth dimension of whackory:
"Assuming SNL doesn’t stick the knife in Palin again, this could be a good opportunity for her. Palin’s job now is to rebuild her reputation so she can run against Obama in 2012. Poking fun at Fey’s impersonation is a good way of lightening its negative effect on her reputation. So, if she’s able to do THAT, then it’s worth it. If her appearance will only serve to reinforce the negative stereotype, she should avoid the appearnace.

Along those same lines, when will Palin stop coordinating with McCain and completely run out on her own? Hit Obama with Wright and Ayers and being a crazy socialist… Go on Rush and Fox News and talk radio… Express a vision for the country and a serious political philosophy… This is all about her now."
JustTruth101 disagrees:
"Live on the air the SNL crew... will do the skit from the version that the real Sarah never saw... and it will skewer her. There might even be a joke about the difference between her brain and her womb, but the setup in the REAL Sarah’s skit will be nothing even remotely like that, but her answer will be something that makes all special needs children look bad, or will make her look crass and uncaring... This is a TERRIBLE idea... I can’t believe she’s going to do this. If they could get away with it, they would shower her with pig blood like Carrie."
Pigs blood!? Quick - does anyone have NBC's phone number!?

Being stuck in Britland, I've never watched a full episode of SNL. I didn't even think I wanted to, 'til I read this from SaintOlaf in the same thread:
"SNL is definitely the most bigoted, Christian persecuting, television show on the air today... Pure liberal atheist garbage."
I'd buy that for a dollar...


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