"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Despicable Race Card

If you want surreal, check out the reaction of many McCain/Palin supporters to even the slightest hint that racism might be a factor in the US election campaign.

The American Sentinel thunders:

"Liberals love to lump people into groups and sub-groups based on how they vote: we can call this potential segment the “white guilt vote”: white people who didn’t want to vote for Barack Obama, but did so rather than be forced to wear the MSM’s “Scarlet R” for racism...

...don’t allow either racism, or reverse racism, to sway your vote for that candidate."
OK, we get it. Not all black people support Obama, and not all McCain supporters are racist. But is it it really too much to even acknowledge the Bradley Effect? Or to take extra care when campaigning not to play into the hands of bigoted assholes?

Apparently so.

Check out this comment at Bride of Rove:
"few things offend me more than to hear “the race card” being used. It’s old, it’s an excuse and I just lose respect for the original argument..."
Or this eye-popping prose quoted at Liberal Rapture:
"Shut TF up about race. Now. We are sick of it... You keep saying crap like "they" will try to scare you because you don't look like past Presidents or you have a weird last name or whatever. Bullshit. BULL SHIT. This is nonsense. You got millions of votes (less than Hillary but still millions) in the primaries. None of those voters gave a shit you look like the result of Dr. Moreau sending Alfred E Newman, Bob Saget, Dumbo, and Urkle through a wood chipper and fusing their DNA in a wheat grass juicer."
Let's say it again for the hard of thinking. Not all black people support Obama, and not all McCain supporters are racist.

But sheesh, if these videos don't have you cringing with embarrassment for the state of America, then I suggest you check your pulse...

First up, "He's got the bloodlines":

Next, drunken rednecks:

Forget the redneck idiots. Stick with the normal Americans. Joe Six-Packs and Hockey Moms. Next time some Palin supporter tells you they know Sarah better than Barack... Just ask, when did you hear of them both. When did they first hear about Acorn or Rezko or Troopergate or Keating.

And again. Not supporting Obama does not make you racist. It's being racist which makes you racist.



Amadan said...

Just the two of us here tonight. Snuggle up there now...


ANYway, what I meant to say was that the point of the osculospumatory denunciations of racism is really just to underscore a tribal identity: if you're outraged that Obama is the subject of racial slurs, you're really One Of Us. As you say, it's not as if McCain is cheerleading this stuff.

However, it is interesting to consider the 'sub-tribes' that the Republicans are trying to hold together in this campaign. One the one hand, the Palinite anti-intellectual, trust-me-I'm-just-like you-good-folks bunch, whose ascendancy began with that dangerous (and quite irresistible) idiot Reagan; and on the other the hard-headed Rugged Individualist type that McCain tries to evoke but doesn't have the balls to.

The sad thing about McCain is that if he had stuck with the persona he projected in 2004 he might have had a chance this time. By accepting that nincompoop Palin he has surely pulled the plug on his party until at least the 2010 mid-terms (by which time Obama will have become Just Another Bloody Politician).


Amadan said...

PS: The Strongville videos have gone viral in the worst way and refuse to run, presumably because of the demand. Some day, geeks will collect links to these like political junkies collect 'I Like Ike' buttons.

Paul Zannucci said...

Thanks for the link.

As it turns out, we've done numerous articles on the Bradley-Wilder Effect. Unfortunately for your argument, this phenomenon can really only occur during this election amongst Democrats and independents, since Republicans would never be expected to vote for someone who represents the opposite opinion on nearly every issue. In order for the Bradley-Wilder Effect to apply to Republicans, we would have to have an African American Republican running.

Furthermore, I can point you to many hilarious videos of Obama fans with wide, vacant eyes rambling on incoherently about the 'change they need' and the 'hope they feel'.

The most enjoyable thing about Democrats is that they are so consistently concerned with other people's supposed racism, sexism and stupidity that they don't realize that they are the largest offenders by far.

I wish you and your towering intellect a happy election.

PTET said...

Hi Paul

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

You are absolutely right that the Bradley Effect will reduce Obama's vote amongst independents and democrats.

However, there are quite a few Republicans and former Republicans who say they will vote for Obama, so I'm not quite as convinced that Republican dogma is as all-encompassing as you make out.

Further, much of the Obama-is-a-Muslim-Arab-Terrorist rhetoric comes from the "conservative" side. Just look at the idiots on Conservapedia. So again, my point about racism applies.

And hey, I think incoherent rambling Obama supporters are amusing and ridiculous too. But at least their mindlessness doesn't extend to racism.

Surely you don't think mindless hope is worse than mindless hate?

I respect conservative views. I'd prefer to have a strong, healthy McCain campaign rather than the car crash we're faced with.

It's amusing in a discussion about racism where you're seeking the moral high ground, that you feel the need to make a sweeping judgment about "liberals".

That said, your towering intellect is welcome here any time.

Best wishes

PTET said...

Paul has an interesting post on this story here. It says racism shouldn't affect the outcome of the election. I'm not so sure. Surely the whole point of the Strongville Videos is that racism is affecting people's opinions on Obama whether they realize it or not?

PTET said...

Hey amadan :) Didn't you get the memo? Only liburuls are racist, see ;>