"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monkey Sticker Guy

I showed a picture of this chap in a previous post about The Despicable Race Card... But he deserves a second outing. Marvel as he responds to shouts of "racist" by holding the monkey up higher for everyone to see.

How dare anyone say race is an issue in this election? That's just outrageous. Yes siree, people are happy to ignore Sarah Palin or John McCain's dodgy contacts but fear the worst about Obama because... Because they just are. Race has nothing to do with it.

OK, so it seems most voters are being put off by all this negative campaigning... But when the only defense to mindless idiocy is that because the other guy is so far ahead in the polls it won't affect the likely result... Then I for one think that's a pretty sad state of affairs.

Finally, a clarion call. Who is monkey sticker guy? Can we find him and put him on TV? Someone must know him, surely?


UPDATE: One Little Victory has this:

"According to an anonymous poster, “Monkey Boy ” is named Stanley, and Stanley has a history of racist behavior. He retired to Pennsylvania from Baltimore and works for Cambria County, as a civil servant. The poster has indicated that he is reporting Stanley to the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission, as Stanley’s actions may be in conflict with the Civil Service Commission Code of Conduct."


bandanaman said...

Why were you assuming my coloured friend was a white person, and hence ....a racist?

You are the racist here!

"You are quite right. Darkies should be thoroughly questioned before they come in and out of the country as a matter of course. Or isn't that what you meant?"


PTET said...

Because I thought your "coloured friend" (did you really say that?) was implying that there should be increased security searches at airports to prevent children being taken back to Pakistan by their parents. It was a misunderstanding.

Did you really say "coloured"?

I don't think anything bad about your "coloured friend"... But I do suspect that you are an idiot.

neal said...

A man holding a monkey doll with Obama sticker on it.A man holding what looks to be a Curious George monkey doll bearing an Obama bumper sticker around its head was caught on camera . Man At Palin Rally Displays Monkey Doll Donning Obama Sticker. The guy is creepy as he is the type who looks harmless.A man brought a stuffed money with an Obama sticker on it to a McCain-Palin rally.



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