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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poll Paranoia

HT to Obsidian Wings for tipping me to a discussion of the latest poll news on the pro-McCain Hot-Air. There, "Allahpundit" writes:

"Almost as many GOPers say they’re unbothered by Obama’s associations as those who say they’re bothered by Wright or Ayers. As for independents, The One leads by 18 points now — a 28-point swing in just one week. Part of that’s due to the debate, which registered voters say he won, 48/14, but part of it’s probably also due to the negativity backfiring."
This news of Obama's increased poll lead and the backlash to McCain's much vaunted attack-campaigning against Obama doesn't go down well with The Base. Like Zombies after fresh brains, the Hot Air comments go after the bearer of bad news:
"Look back over the past few months and note the lack of enthusiasm by Allah regarding any potential good news regarding McCain/Palin. He’ll be the first to throw cold water on any positive news and the first to promote the bad news. I can’t figure it out... he either hates McCain because he’s not conservative enough or because he’s not moderate enough. It has to be one of those two, because the third possibility is too outrageous to consider... or is it?"

"Allah must be stopped. There are people looking at this and go into actual despair! I think we must have an intervention with the Allah!"

"Allah = Tool"

"believe that the liberals in New York are having more success at luring Allahpundit over to their dark side, as he is at convincing them of the true virtues of conservatism... Goodbye Allah. I hope you get a lucrative book deal out of this “unsavory” episode in your life. Having to endure us “hate mongering” conservatives for so long an’ all."
The suggestion that McCain's negativity and Palin rabble rousing is actually repelling independents doesn't go down at all well...
"Nonsense. CBS story tied this dubious swing to McCain’s negative campaigning. It’s a ploy to silence McCain on Ayers and Wright. I don’t believe it."

"Palin should mock this poll at one of her New Hampshire rallies. Really, Mac/Palin should just start mocking these MSM polls."

"seriously, its like they are trying to ruin hotair the way Polipundit ruined his blog. Damn, atleast post all the other more legit polls in same thread showing a different ballgame. You look ridiculous posting a slanted Obama poll and pretend its legit... I think he likes the anti-Palin part of the poll. Newsflash, if they go down this year she’s the front runner for nomination"

"If BO is not up by 7 come election day, he is not going to be president."

But it's when paranoia takes over from denial that things get really scary:
"I’m starting to think that the MSM is deliberately trying to set up a race riot or something. When McCain wins, and he will win, Obama’s minions will believe the election was “stolen” based on all the polls. All hell could break loose. The question is why would they want to do that? What would they gain by misrepresenting the polls then losing?"

"I liked what Rush said last week. “When do we get to riot?”"
Finally, here's two comments I thought deserved a special mention:
"Dream on… Socialism comes to this state, and it will be faced down with hot lead." - Keemo on October 14, 2008 at 9:10 PM

"For the first time in 18 years I went out today and bought:.. 40. cal handgun... 1 long gun with scope... long gun semi-auto... 1 shotgun... All with allot of ammo... Oh…btw, the shop was full of people of all races, creeds, colors and national origins, with a smile on their faces. I asked the owner haow business was, he smiled and said, “The best in years”... Just sayen’... Over." - 1GooDDaDDy on October 14, 2008 at 8:44 PM
Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, everyone's preparing for the next big Debate tonight. Obama has dared McCain to raise the Ayers allegations and McCain says he "probably" will. Probably? Just what is McCain scared of? I guess we'll find out.



Drew said...

Here's a nice pleasant ditty from your neck of the globe:


Of course her only source is the ever imbalanced National Review which is basically a blow-job for right wingers with every issue.

PTET said...

Yeah, she's a peach. She cheerleads for Intelligent design without endorsing it; she sneers at compassion, tolerance and understanding each week in the Daily Mail (think Fox News without the pezzaz of the heart); and she manages to rubbish the Annenberg Foundation throughout her column without realizing it was set-up, funded and overseen by Republicans.

Her fuckwittery knows know bounds.