"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Proper Condom Use - Continued

Darkstar218 writes:

1) I'm not Catholic and don't support the Catholic church's doctrine, particularly in this case. So don't even lump me in with that group. In relation to our other discussions, the Catholic church is even worse than non-Christians relating to Biblical authority because they proclaim to be the Church of Jesus Christ, and yet their teachings, at times, contradicts the Bible. So people like you, PTET, assume that what the Catholic church teaches must be what all Christians believe.

2) You didn't answer my question concerning doing what is right. Are you saying that we should abandon all things right when the going gets too difficult? You and the Philippine government can cower in the shadows if it makes you feel better. It's certainly easier to concede. You, yourself, admitted to knowing what is best, and that's abstinence. I take comfort in knowing that I Reap what I Sow and that I take full responsibility for the actions that I choose for my life. Putting the blame on me for not teaching a child how to have 'safe' sex for their STD's and bastard children is just non-sense.
Hi Tim... I'm well aware of the differences between Catholic teaching and that of other sects such as your brand of Protestant Fundamentalism. In fact, in our previous discussions I've had to point out to you that the Catholic church - like non-Fundamentalist Protestant sects - considers that the Earth is Billions of years old and that life has evolved through common descent. I was merely pointing out that some religious groups unscrupulously misrepresent scientific data in order to further their political and religious agendas. (Isn't lying supposed to be a sin?).

As for abstinence... Certainly it is the one way to be sure of not catching an STD. (Unless, of course, your unlucky enough to be infected by a blood transfusion or other injury... But I digress...)

The problem is that *most* people aren't terribly good at abstinence. By insisting on abstinence *only* education, you are damning those people who do take part in sexual behaviour to an increased risk of STDs and pregnancy, because they don't know how to protect themselves.

Further, not everyone believes that sex is only appropriate before marriage. I certainly don't. Why should *your* religious beliefs about morality be allowed to harm the health of other people who don't share them? Is it not better to teach abstinence, but to educate people properly about the best way to protect themselves in case they can't keep up their promises? Or, as Johnxdow seems to, do you take some sort of pleasure in the thought that people who are not abstinent might be "smited", perhaps by an STD or unwanted pregnancy?

Your use of the words "bastard children" says a great deal about you, Tim. However, I want to remain on civil terms so I'll leave you to dwell on your judgment of children for the "sins" of their parents... And also your lack of grace in making unfounded and false allegations of bias in the CBS (AP) report I cited previously.


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