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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Miss O'Hara on F*911

Miss O'Hara writes: "...Keep in mind that Iraq is part of the overall War on Terror. Bush has done a really, really crappy job of pointing that out. And you seem to have forgotten that Saddam was, indeed, a direct threat to us, because he funded and assisted terrorists - including Al Quaeda - for years, and he was indeed actively seeking nukes. I don't think he wanted them so he could warm his coffee. ;)"
Miss O'Hara

Much of your argument is contradicted by the words of the Bush administration and the 9/11 report published last week - never mind Michael Moore's film.
  • Of course we know that Saddam *had* WMDs. As Bill Hicks put it, 'we looked at the receipt'. The US, UK, Russia and other countries all sold weapons to Saddam in the 80s. We also know that Saddam used WMDs against his own people. We stood by and watched while it happened
  • F*911 shows Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice saying repeatedly in 2000/2001 that there was *no* evidence that Saddam had WMDs or posed an imminent threat *at that time*
  • Even Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has admitted that he was wrong in saying that Saddam posed an imminent threat after 9/11 - the main reason cited for going to war
  • The Sept 11 Commission only last week published its report saying that there was "no collaborative operational relationship" between Saddam and Al Qeada. Sure, people from Saddam's regime & people from Al Qeada had contact in the past... But then People from the UK and US governments had contact with Saddam in the past too... And if they'd been in the slightest bit prepared for a terrorist attack, the US intelligence agencies would have had "contacts" (spies, intelligence, etc.) with Al Qeada too. They didn't
  • Let me say it again. There is no evidence that Saddam funded Al Qeada. There is no evidence that Saddam had WMDs or was "actively seeking nukes" from 2000 onwards
  • Iraqi insurgents are "patriots" to many Iraqis. That is a fact, whether you like it or not. Last year Bush declared that combat operations in Iraq were over. Moore said that this was wrong, because many Iraqis wanted rid of the Americans. Bush was wrong. Moore was right. Have you seen the footage of American soldiers wandering around Iraq saying with stunned disbelief that they have not been welcomed as "liberators" by the Iraqi people? They were told by people like Fox News that this would happen. It didn't. US soldiers were *lied* to about the attitude ordinary Iraqis would have to American troops. This doesn't seem to bother you
  • Most of the 9/11 hi-jackers were from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia provided practical banking and business support to Bin Laden for years. Saudi Arabian citizens are known to actively support Al Qeada financially. But the US let Bin Laden's family return to Saudi Arabia unchecked. It also failed to persuade the Saudi's to freeze Bin Laden family assets. Why haven't we gone against Saudi Arabia?
  • A central trust of F*911 is that the Bush Administration ignored credible intelligence that Al Qeada posed a direct and immediate threat to the USA from 2000 until September 2001
  • F*911 shows Bush sitting reading a children's book for seven minutes after hearing about the second Twin Tower plane crash. You can see his eyes. His advisors are standing waiting for him to act. He does nothing. He looks lost. After that, it took *two months* for US Special Forces to begin looking for Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Two months
  • After 9/11, the Bush administration went to its counter terrorism chiefs and *told* them to find a link between Saddam and Al Qeada. The Bush administration planned to go to war with Iraq *before* it had any credible evidence that Saddam was a threat. But they also told the world that Saddam *was* a threat. They lied. American soldiers died. They are still dying, a year after Bush declared that combat operations in Iraq were over
But still you go on repeating arguments that even Fox News is embarrassed with, and still you go on bearing false witness and vitriol towards Michael Moore when you haven't even seen his film.


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