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Thursday, February 14, 2008

DaveScot humiliates Denyse O'Leary

Update 13 August: Denyse O'Leary disses PTET (!!!1eleventyone!!!)

Update 18 Jan: Be sure to check out CBEB's:
St. Denyse of Leary cries about persecution, then asks for more


Welcome to the blagospheric wilderness.

A few days back, I wrote a post titled Denyse O'Leary: Douchebag for Christ, including a "defaced" picture of the lady in question.

For readers who find this offensive and inappropriate, or who have never heard of Ms O'Leary, I've provided a handy introduction below. Everyone else can skip this bit.

Denyse O'Leary is a pulitzer-eligible journalist. She writes on Uncommon Descent, the blog-home of the Intelligent Design Movement, alongside world-reknowned mathematician William Dembski and genius-level-IQ polymath "Blogczar" DaveScot.

Intelligent Design ("ID") is the notion that "that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology and that these causes are empirically detectable"- or "Darwin Was Wrong", for short. Almost all of its supporters are religious although some, like DaveScot, are agnostic. However, most religious scientists say ID isn't science. They accept the standard scientific understanding of evolution. Most people do not know this. In 2005, the ID movement was at last poised to supplant Darwinism and bring the scientific establishment to its knees in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. DaveScot predicted certain victory. It ended in humiliating defeat.

Judge Jones - Mocked at UD's Overwhelming Evidence websiteThe ID Movement responded with a flash animation mocking the trial judge Jones, voiced by William Dembski, replete with fart noises . This was, after all, the Christian thing to do.

My post was a tilt at the windmill of O'Leary's ignorance about the Christian Right. It was linked to a new endeavor, Blogging on PseudoScientific DoucheBags. I defaced the picture to mark Uncommon Descent's treatment of Judge Jones. I'd posted several times before about figures at Uncommon Descent without anyone flipping out - although I had been banned from commenting there for asking various embarrassing questions.

Although I am an atheist, I get on perfectly well with many religious people. Casey, of Casey's Critical Thinking, kindly said: "Thanks for stopping by, PTET. I admire your wittiness. You do have a way with words, even if we don't agree. I find your posts entertaining, even though I'm on the opposite side of the debate." I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. But, like Denyse, I am not a bad person.

In an breathtaking move to humiliate his colleague Denyse, DaveScot linked to my post from the front age of Uncommon Descent ("UD"). This is a rare event. UD readers aren't usually allowed out their walled garden, which keeps them ignorant and in-line.

He must have known that lurkers would appear, to publicise his own past bizarre attacks on Denyse O'Leary:
"I hate to disappoint the church burnin’ ebola boys but I won’t be commenting on UD in the future. I just told the smarmy Canadian cross dresser to go fuck itself in an email. It would have banned me in any case as it’s nowhere near as cool as Bill Dembski. The stick up its disgusting ass could make a redwood feel inadequate. I’m going to go ahead and forgive Bill for this monumental brainfart as he’s going through some long term bad shit on the homefront with a sick child. I felt bad about bailing out on him at a time like this but he forced my hand. No big deal...

P.S. if my dog was as ugly as the Canadian cross dresser I’d shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards... HAHAHA - I kill me sometimes!"
He'd also called Denyse a "morphodyke"

Even so, Dave took the moral high ground, claiming his rudeness was down to four years in the Marines and being an ex-Darwinist, and explaining:
"[Denyse] never liked me and the feeling is mutual. Dembski likes both of us so to keep peace in the family we're civil with each other but that's about as far as it goes.

I will however defend her religious beliefs, even though I don't share them, and expose any anti-religious fuckwads of the sort that cluster around blogs like this piece of shit."
As UD-regular larrynormanfan pointed out, I did not attack Denyse O'Leary for her religious beliefs.


A big thanks to everyone who commented on the original thread. I owe you all beers.

While we all wait for Uncommon Descent to finally implode once and for all, please have a look around :)

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UPDATE: 15 Feb 08:
Uncommon Descent have broken their link to my original post, so their readers will think my page is gone. They have demoted their thread to hide it. How nice.

For more on this messy story, see Mr DNA's hilarious Vincent Edward St. Francis: Deep Cover Sockpuppet at CBEBs!

Update 2: DaveScot has now apologised for his behavior. Kind of. Credit to him for that.



JanieBelle said...


That was fun.

Gary said...

Outstanding - Thanks for mnaking this the Best Darwin Day evar!


Doppelganger said...

A little off topic and from anopther one of your posts, but it seems the 'Pooua' who boasted on the Expelled board that he has taken "standardized tests that show that I am in the top few percent of the nation in scientific literacy, and yet am told constantly that I am scientifically ignorant simply because I dispute evolutionary theory."

Well, I emailed him and it seems these tests were the SATs and the ASVAB...


PTET said...

Hi Doppelganger

I was thinking about Pooua the other day actually. Small world.

Is he still a young earth creationist? In the last post he wrote to me it seemed like his brain was about to explode from having to defend creationism too much.

I take he just went away and read his bible for a while, and came back as deliberately stupid as before?

Ric said...

And lo and behold, super-coward and hypocrit extraordinaire DaveScot has disappeared the entire thread!

He literally could not be lamer if he tried.

October Mermaid said...

"Outstanding - Thanks for mnaking this the Best Darwin Day evar!"

It's a Darwin Day miracle!

...I actually want to start saying that more often.

Anonymous said...

CBEB's Update 18 Jan:
St. Denyse of Leary cries about persecution, then asks for more

Doppelganger said...

Hi Ptet,

Yes, Pooua is as silly as ever.

After I informed him that I took the SAT and the ASVAB and went on the grad school, he said I was 'arrogant' and a 'jerk'.

Pretty funny stuff. I plan on blogging it up at some point.