"...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me..." [Deuteronomy 5:8-10]

Friday, February 15, 2008

DaveScot [not]Apologises

DaveScot, "BlogCzar" at Uncommon Descent, has issued an apology:

"DaveScot: ... I deleted the “Sterling Example of Anti-Religionists” thread due to many complaints that it was offensive. I want to extend my apologies for my own vulgar contributions that many found to be offensive. When I find myself among the crude and vulgar I tend to participate at the same level rather than rise above it as I should."
Kodus and respect to him for that.

The sorry saga is told here.

If only the rest of Uncommon Descent was so principled.

I apologize too for any offense caused, although I won't pretend it didn't happen.

Update: In the interests of probity, the deleted UD thread is presented here: A Sterling Example of the Anti-religionists

A further update. I was wrong. DaveScot's "apology" is nothing of the sort. If he was truly sorry, he would have deleted the UD thread immediately and apologized for humiliating his colleague. Dembski clearly had no option but to keep DaveScot on. How must Denyse O'Leary feel on all of this? "Morphodyke"? "Smarmy cross dresser"? Is that acceptable discourse at the Discovery Institute ("NAMBLA")?



Ric said...

You seriously call DaveScot principled for this sorry-ass apology? You give the guy too much credit. He didn't delete it because of complaints that it was offensive. He deleted it because it showed his true nature and character-- a lying hypocrite.

Gary said...

I think he only apologized because Dembski made him do it.

Hey, he was a Marine, and "once a Marine, always a Marine" is more than a slogan. He talked dirty for a living, so he really doesn't care who was offended - he is much more likely to be the guy that says "hey, you don't like it? Well Fuck You then".

Dembski made him do it. Period, end of story. You don't believe me? Well then fuck you too.

Ha. Just kidding, I do not want to have carnal knowledge of you in any shape, way or form. Unless you are Scarlet Johanson. Then I do.


PTET said...

Doesn't this all show that Dembski is DaveScot's bitch?

You think Denyse O'Leary is really down with being on the same team as DaveScot?

In what other organization could DaveScot have survived the Valentines Day Meltdown Massace?

Sure, DaveScot had to apologise. But everyone still knows he hates Denyse's guts. She, on the other hand, has to grin and take it up the wrong'un.

DaveScot apologizes, and goes back around his business as if nothing has happened. And he gets to look good for going that yard past a notpology.

...Meanwhile the non-sock-puppet denizens of UD must be looking on in horror...

p.s. I am blond-ish if that helps.

Gary said...

Hmmm... I can tell you are a deep thinker... Ok, you are right, I apologize!

ps: blond-ish is a good start, but pictures are better Scarlet.

PTET said...

But I was wrong about DaveScot being due props... Well not for his apology anyway. Maybe for his cajones.

Now he's got *me* feeling bad for Denyse O'Leary.

If there are any UD-genuine readers here... What do you make of all this?