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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More from "Fuller" On Inerrancy
This is an interesting quote from the Fuller Theological Seminary on inerrance.

"Jesus taught biblical inerrancy when he said to some religious leaders, 'You err, not knowing the scriptures. . .' (Matt. 22:39). In Matt. 13:32, however, he also said that the mustard seed 'is the smallest of all the seeds,' when today botany knows of even smaller seeds.

In his omniscience as God Jesus knew exactly which seed was the smallest in all earth's flora. But Jesus' purpose was to speak of how something small would do something immense. The best way to do that was to use an example meaningful to his hearers. Thus it would have meant nothing to talk of a seed about which his hearers knew nothing. So Jesus accommodated his perfect knowledge about small seeds to the imperfect knowledge his hearers had on this subject--all to make his hearers wiser unto salvation. Jesus would in fact have spoken error by being scientifically accurate, because he was not intending to teach botany. Thus The Bible is inerrant in everything that it teaches, but not necessarily in things it merely touches upon."
The more ya read, the more ya learn ;> Of course, this definition of "inerrance" leaves it as something which could not possibly be proven by science... More thoughts on this to come.

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