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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Inorganic oil: much ado about nothing? - Skeptical Inquirer: May-June, 2003

"Geoscientists are cringing as news reports dredge up what they have long considered a preposterous assertion about the origin of oil: That none of the fossil fuels found on this planet come from fossils. The idea, heavily debated in Russia during the 1950s and 1960s, holds that the world's oil is not made of decomposed biological organisms; rather, it forms inorganically at near-mantle depths then migrates up to the crust ..."

"...The potential that inorganic hydrocarbons, especially methane and a few other gases, might exist at enormous depth in the crust is an idea that could use a little more discussion. However, nor from people who take theories to the point of absurdity," he says. "This is an idea that needs to be looked into at some point as we start running our of energy. But no one who is objective discusses the issue at this time..."

That seems to put a lid on Dr Thomas Gold's theories about the origin and regeneration of oil... (Link from Fark). May 2003? What a rollercoaster the internet is ;>

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