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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jim Kimbriel

On 5/18/05, Jim Kimbriel wrote:
Dear friends,
I perused several of your article that attempt to shed light on orthodox Christian dogma, but I found no light. I found people willing to take dated and less than brilliant thinkers from the Christian camp to task, but no real serious scholars to the mat. Wrestle with J.P Moreland, Scott Rae, Craig Bloomberg, D. A Carson, John Monson and the like. Then your page will reflect not attacking straw men, but interaction with intense thinkers.

Dear Jim

Thanks for writing.

You know, it's very easy to mail someone boldly claiming that they are wrong; and throw a bunch of names at them and then run away.

Do you have any specific criticisms of anything I've written, or are there any specific claims by your 'thinkers' that you think I should address? Or, as seems more likely, are you just full of crap? (Joke;>)

Kind regards


Jim replied:
Dear PTET,
I am in the middle of another project, but as time and energies allow, I
will return with specifics. I appreciate you quick response.
Yours again,

We'll see if this guy writes again. As an aside, it's amusing to see Jim imply that JP Holding, Albert Mohler and Bonnie Alba, among others, are "less than brilliant thinkers" :-)

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