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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Evolutionary Information Gap Between Science and the Public

Bonnie Alba is at it again...

There are three reasons the people of Kansas should not be ashamed or embarrassed at the results of the Evolution and Intelligent Design hearings.

One: it was the Darwinists who refused to appear yet attacked the ID proponents (outside the hearings). The media were only too happy to accommodate the distortions of the issues.

Two: it was the (ACLU) civil rights lawyer, Pedro Irigonegaray, who made a mockery out of the whole procedural hearings. He brought forth no witnesses to show why ID should not be taught nor why the 'controversy should not be taught.' Not a scientist, he went on a 2-hour tirade against the ID proponents which ended the hearings on a raw and blustery note.

Three: Very few media reports were on the mark with the real reasons for the hearings. Many lacked depth in explaining the ID proponents’ position and the fact that prominent scientists supporting ID and calling for “teach the controversy” came from all over the country and other countries.

Bonnie Alba, The Evolutionary Information Gap Between Science and the Public, OpionEditorials.com, 18 May 2005
But, of course, the hearings specifically were not seeking to support ID. More to come...

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