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Monday, May 16, 2005

Does Darrick Dean endorse a Statement Of Faith?

Dear Darrick

I have responded to a number of your posts before - but you seem to have gotten into the habit of simply deleting posts you don't like. Given that you run a blog supposedly promoting scientific enquiry, this seems to me to be a rather strange thing for you to do.

I will place a copy of this post on my own blog just in case.

I have a quick question.

Do you still endorse the Reasons to Believe Statement Of Faith? You certainly used to.

I only ask because you quote Phillip Johnson on the front page of your blog saying "Science should never fear honest intellectual tools such as precise use of terms, unbiased investigation of evidence and refusal to accept unjustified extrapolations."

I'd like to understand how you can promote "unbiased investigation" if you still believe that (as the Reason Statement of Faith says) "The Bible is... supreme and final authority in all matters that it addresses."

However, for now a yes or no answer will do!



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