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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Casey Luskin - The Chuck Norris Of cDesign

Word comes from ERV that noted scientist and Discovery Institute ("NAMBLA") attack-dog Casey Luskin has sent out a scary "lawyer letter" demanding "copyright" pictures of himself be removed from the internet.

Laskin, the Chuck Norris of the cDesign Movement, knows a thing or two about copyright, having a hand in warding off allegations that William "Wild Bill" Dembski ripped off some video for one of his "presentations".

It is not known whether Laskin, picutred here, was involved in the recent theft of an M&M Parody by the noted peer-reviewed science-ology journal "Uncommonly Dense".

Meanwhile, Chuck Norris, the Casey Luskin of the action-movie world, has attracted controversy himself.

Fans of the noted not-gay scientist and movie tough-guy have rallied to his defense after a Republican Party hack called for an improbable "boycott" of Norris because, amongst other things, he does not believe in Evolution. The Church Burning Ebola Boys have more, including some priceless nonsense from Chuck's fans.

In other news... My comments awaiting moderation at UD have now been deleted for good. I can only presume they were scared the whole edifice of CDesign Proponentsism would have crashed to the ground if my words had been printed. Damn their eyes! If only there was somewhere else I could publish what I had to say. Well, somewhere where one could get insider the hermetically-sealed minds of the typical ID supporter would be nice...

Apart from that it's been a quiet day on the blogosphere. If you're looking for something remarkable, check out CBEB’s Hillbilly Gospel Show.

(And if Luskin's lawyers would like his picture removed from this blog entry, all they have to do is ask).


Update: Luskin tries to roundhouse kick ERV and falls on his ass - More here.

Radio Otherfunk has a whacked out Country Special - check it out.

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